Will CBD cure red irritated skin for your pet? Let’s ask Fats!

Will CBD cure red irritated skin for your pet? Fats and His CTFO Shampoo Trial

This is our Boston Terrier named Our Mr. Wonderful; but he actually has a couple of names that he answers to. He prefers  “Fats”, closely followed by “Tank”.  He is about 10 years old, born here at our home. And is one of the more pampered dogs we have. We currently have two Boston Terriers, Fats and his brother JJ; two English Bulldogs (Rosie and Copper) and one Mastiff named Suki.


Each year, Fats develops red itch splotches  and bald spots. He will get on grass, gravel, concrete or anything else and rub like crazy. Usually has a look of intense joy and satisfication and has to be called several times before he stops. We have tried many other itch relief medication type shampoos, salves, and ointments with very limited positive results.

CTFO Pet ShampooWe decided to give the Changing The Future Outcome CBD Pet Hair + Skin  Conditioning Shampoo a try. It is made with Pure CBD Hemp Oil. I have been using cbd for a few months to help with relaxation (with a great amount of success) and, well, the choices are getting pretty slim. We have tried most of the other “great products” and while they do help some, I just am not willing to continue with a little success.


Let me add, the pictures I took really do not show just how red and irritated his skin was. Nor do they show the improvement. I take full responsibility for the bad photos.

15 September: I gave Fats a bath using Dawn Blue because it has been a week or so since his last bath. Rinsed him off really good and started with the CTFO shampoo. Immediately recoginized the scent of coconut! Maybe it was just me but my wife smelled it too. Fats was not too thrilled with getting another shampoo but he quickly settled down and seemed to get into the sensation as I worked up a good lather. It may have just
been the attention he was getting!

The shampoo made a thick lather, easy to work into his fur and down to the skin. The more I worked it in, the better the lather and the more Fats relaxed and seemed to enjoy it. After I got him covered with suds, I stepped back and let him soak for a couple of minutes. After his rinse, using the water in the tub, I again let him soak,
making sure his feet and belly were in the water. Strangely enough, Fats actually sat down and waited patiently. Usually he is in a hurry to get out of
the tub. Gave him a final rinse and lifted him out for a good towel drying.

15 Sept Before bath: 15 Sep Before   After Bath  

Day 2. Fats is still scratching and doing the rolling wriggle routine. Only not as frantically or with the same intensity. A couple of more pic’s just to keep a record. Plan for day 3? Another bath with his CTFO shampoo and more pictures, of course!

16 Sept   16 Sept

Day 3: Fats was pretty
clear, at least by what we have come to expect. Some redness but not as pronounced and a lot less of the scratching at himself. No one has seen him do the rolling wriggle today. For the bath, I repeated the process with Dawn and a good rinse, followed by CTFO shampoo. Once I got a good lather worked into Fats fur and skin, he calmly just stood there while I got a couple of pictures. Again I let the lather soak in for a couple of minutes and did a good rinse.

After lifting Fats out, he stood quietly while I blot dried him and gently rubbed him down with a dry towel. A side note, Fats has bad eyes, they film over pretty badly,
especially the right one. Before the bath today, both eyes had a film and by the time he was halfway dry and back in the house, both eyes were clearing up.

17 Sept Bath Time  17 Sept

Day 4: Fats continues to
improve in regards to the red splotches. These have decreased in size and intensity. It seems that he is growing peach fuzz in the bald areas, really hard to tell.

18 Sept  18 Sept

Day 5: Another bath
day. Fats is really getting into the routine of his bath. No fuss and he relaxes almost immediately once the CTFO shampoo begins to get worked into his coat and massaged in.


19 Sept 19 Sept    19 Sept    19 Sept

Day 6: I am impressed with just how much improvement that Fats is showing on his skin. He still has some red irritations but they seem to be more localized in areas that he does scratch when no one is watching. The bald spots do seem to be growing hair back but it is so fine that it is hard to be sure.

20 Sept 22 Sept


Day 7: A bath day but it was cold and raining. We skipped the bath for today, and settled for a nice relaxing day of naps!                                                         

Day 8: Bath day I think Fats really enjoyed it. After working the shampoo into a thick lather, I let him just stand while the conditioning shampoo soaked into him. He actually
started to doze off and then sat down and dozed. After about 5 minutes, rinsed him off really good and again blot dried him off.

22 Sept  Before 22 Sept

After Bath  22 Sept      22 Sept

Again, the pictures I took really do not show just how red and irritated his skin was. They also do not show the improvement.

Overall I am really impressed with the CTFO Conditioning Shampoo or Dogs. The red splotches and skin irritations have dramatically decreased. The bald patches appear to be growing hair and overall Fats (always a mellow boy) is even more mellow and friendly. His eyes, which we have had problems with, are not filming over as much and not with the same degree of crud. This was unexpected and I am a little hesitant to credit CTFO but nothing else has changed in his daily routine.

My Wife and I have agreed that getting more of the Pet Shampoo is a plan and we will be adding a bottle of the Pet Spray or Drops. That purchase is to be made on the first of Oct. We still have another week of giving Fats a bath every other day and continuing to document his progress.

My recommendation? No surprise here. Buy a bottle today and let CTFO Conditioning Shampoo for Pets cure red irritated skin for your pet! Fats recommended!

Questions and comments are welcome!

Walking the Path of Peace,


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