Why use digital business cards? 4 simple reasons

I’m often asked why use a digital business card. For me, the answer is simple. I do most of my work online and a digital card is easy to share. Have you ever tried to share a paper card online? Plus the ease of actually sharing the information geared toward that contact.

I seldom hand out a paper card, but there is that traditional exchanging of the cards that is still favored by many. My solution is to tie or link my digital card to the paper card using a link (or preferably) a QR Code.

Why use digital business cards?

Digital business cards immediately provide a wealth of information to the recipient. Your contact info, images, highlighted material can and should be front and center. As a virtual representation they cause 0 harm to the environment and are a way to promote your business while helping protect the environment. You can share your digital business card thru different sites or printed advertising using a link or using a QR Code. Your card can be a simple contact and link or you
can advertise your complete business on your business card.

Sharable Information

Digital business card have the added benefit of interacting with physical business cards thru a QR Code or with a printed link so that any person you might run into who doesn’t share your fondness of digital business cards can still not only hand you their card, but the card can be scanned into your database of choice.

Digital business cards are the means of sharing details of yourself or of your company With a digital business card, you can tap (or select) to display the following:

Your contact information (phone, email) and any additional information about yourself you wish to include. Present your resume.

Display link(s) to social media sites, links to connect on WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, or Duo.

Map to your headquarter building location.

Videos can be included.

Display a photo gallery.

Lead capture/Feedback form

Digital business cards provide you with the opportunity to be creative in how you share information. It is easy to customize and is available on every device from laptops to mobile phones.





Digital business cards are one way to promote your business with a message to save the environment.

A digital business card doesn’t require any physical representation in the first place as it is fully virtual and hosted online. (Wikipeda) They cause zero harm to the environment as no trees have to be cut. Every year approximately 100 billion business cards get produced worldwide; nearly 6 million trees are cut and shred just to produce paper business cards.

Nearly 88% of paper business cards are lost or thrown away within one week. Printing paper cards is expensive, to you and to the environment. With paper cards if you want to change your contact details you have to print new cards or use the line out and print over method (not pretty and not professional).

Digital business cards are extremely cost effective. No worry’s about the printing or reprinting costs. Nor will you waste cards due to updates in your information. It is one of the best ways to get all the advantages while saving on expenses for the same.

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Sharing your card

Digital business cards are like mini web pages, which can present information that compares to the pages that typically are contained on a website. And digital business cards offer the same features such as the ability to tap and connect.

You can share your digital business card thru the different social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, thru email using a link or using a QR Code.

Your digital business card is a way to share and save contact information in real-time. Your client/customer is able to download your information with just a click and without needing the application. In this digital era, your card enhances networking interactions.

Digital Business Card work on any device with an internet connection, the person receiving your card does not have to download the application to view and interact with the card… and you!. Have a competitive edge by having clients, customers, and/or prospects easily and quickly save and find your details.

Multiple business cards can be created; different for clients, for customers, product information, personal information… and more. 


Advertise your complete business on your business card!

Much the same way as the more traditional paper business cards, your digital business card helps you to make that all important first impression. Clients or customers receive a professional digital card which they can instantly save to their phone and they can contact you quickly and easily.

Have an edge over competitors by a unique presentation that is more likely to get noticed by using advanced methods. Anyone with access to your card can interactively link to your website and place orders or contact you directly from people viewing your digital business card.

Present your website or yourself with a professional website quality web page(s) without having an actual website. You will be able to prepare and present stylish and convenient hand-out material which in turn is available with just a tap or click. 

Final Thoughts

Why use digital business cards? Or rather, why not? Digital cards have a wide range of additional features not available on a paper card and is the perfect addition for those who prefer the traditional cards.

Digital business cards immediately provide a wealth of information to the recipient. They cause zero harm and help protect the environment while promoting your business. Share thru different sites or on printed advertising using a link or QR Code. You can advertise your complete business on your business card.

Most of my contacts are online, a digital card is the best solution for introductions and to develop a business relationship. I have a range of cards, all with different objectives in mind and as changes are made, no more dashing frantically around to provide updated paper. Great thing, technology!

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