What is a digital business card?

Almost everyone is familiar with a business card. But exactly what is a digital business card? I’ve heard digital cards described as mobile web pages, mini web pages, landing pages, lead capture generators, and simply as cards.

Digital business cards perform the same basic function as paper cards… just delivered differently and containing a lot more information and powerful graphics and videos.

In business, success doesn’t come easy, and your reputation is always on the line. To succeed, it takes hard work, the right tools…and a little bit of luck.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card exists online and has all your contact information (title, company name, logo), everything you would expect to find on a paper business card. A virtual way to exchange as much or as little information as you wish. Also known as virtual or electronic business cards. A digital business card doesn’t require any physical representation but can be linked with a paper card.

About Digital Cards

Digital cards are saved or stored on a smartphone; and can be viewed on a phone, tablet or on a laptop. The information from the card is transmitted via link or QR Code over the Internet. You’ll never run out of space and you decide the amount and type of information you wish to share.

A digital business card will highlight your brand especially if your business has to do with advanced technologies.

Viewing a digital business card is like looking at a website or a web page. It can be a single page portfolio with related information or it can be as complex and detailed as you wish, with custom images, videos, links, social media, and texts.

Digital business cards can help with providing useful analytics to track sales, leads and automate the Customer Relationship Management process you use.

what is a digital business card

Advantages? These include: always having your cards with you (after all, you always have your phone!), and you can share digital business cards anywhere anytime. They are environmentally friendly, safe and efficient. Your contact and other included information is always up to date.

How can I make a digital business card online?

HiHello is a free digital business card and contact manager app designed to help you grow your network. Pricing ranges from free to $6.00 (USD) per month with a business option available.

Dibiz is a Digital Business Card that is smart, elegant & affordable. Pricing from free to $60.00 (USD) per year with a business option available. https://www.hihello.me/pricing

Switchit allows you to create beautiful “Contactless” Digital Business Cards on the fly, in seconds. Pricing from free to $6.99 (USD) per month with a business option available.

Shuffle (by Elify) Business Cards, Landing Pages and “Self” Branding and Marketing materials & Unlimited Contacts. Pricing from free to $30.00 (USD) (discount available to $20.00) per month with add-ons available.

The available features of these different applications range from 1 to 10 cards for use and from “bare bones” limited information types to deluxe features including Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

If you are interested in a digital business card, take a few minutes to compare plans and the included features. I recommend getting a card that will allow you to make the most favorable impression at a price that fits your budget and that is capable of growing as your business expands.

Final Thoughts

Quick quiz…. What is a digital business card?

If you said something like “an introduction to you and your business and then shared online or over the smartphone” then you are correct. And it can also be so much more of an asset.

If you already have a digital card, how is it performing for you? Is it the right tool you need for the right purpose?

If you don’t have a card, why not? Digital cards are designed for use on smartphones, one of the fastest means of communicating online in the world today and one that is expected to continue to grow as time passes.

And remember, a digital business card can be linked with a paper card, increasing the chances and opportunities for your card to be saved and remembered when needed.

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards.

Digital Business card
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As always, questions, comments and your thoughts are always welcome here.


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2 thoughts on “What is a digital business card?”

  1. I have seen people using digital business cards lately and from what I see it becomes more of a trend lately. Although with social media and so many ways to connect with, many people don’t need them but I can see how useful these can be in certain situations. And since everyone has a smartphone nowadays why not keep one just in case.

    • In 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 Billion (48.16% of the world’s population). Digital business cards were designed for those. About 88% of paper business cards are tossed into the trash within 1 week, having the contact and other info saved to the phone you carry around daily can be the difference in a business relationship.  

      Social media is just that, social. Business may overlap but sometimes should not. And some (Instagram, for example) social media only allows 1 link for your profile and none in posts. Nice to send potential contacts to a card that contains business info rather than my personal twitter account! r/Sanders


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