The Search and where I landed!

Search results sometimes take us

where we really need to be.

I think I have a good full-time job. The pay is not the greatest but I have fantastic benefits, good and caring bosses and supervisors, and best of all, I work third shift on my own. As I like to point out to people, if I have a problem with my co-workers, I have a problem. I have had a few minor arguments with myself over the last few years but always seem to agree and to get along before the end of the shift.

But who doesn’t want more? More pay, better benefits, better supervisors? Even better co-workers? Although the better co-workers would be almost impossible to find. In fact, we decided that after retiring from full time employment, it would be nice to stick together.

The Search begins…

About a year and a half ago, I realized that I am getting older and within ten years would want to not be held in one location by a full time position. So I, like untold others, hit the internet and started looking at online employment opportunities. Wow! And did I hit GOLD! Thousands and thousands of work from home, be your own boss, make thousands in just a few hours a week. You have seen them too. How do I know? Because here you are, reading this, still looking and hoping that somehow you will find the answer you are looking for.

I may have that answer for you. You may or may not like the answer or the qualification I am going to place on me giving you the answer. Right up front I want something in return. And what I want from you is even part of the answer. Are you willing to learn, to put in your best effort and to work hard? I mean, really work hard? Great, to prove and show me that, read to the end and I’ll tell you along the way. Or, you could cheat and just skip to the end; but you are only cheating yourself.

A lot of the online jobs I looked at were data entry types. Transcribing legal notes, medical information and others along the same lines. Most required much better typing skills than I have and it seems all of them required I pay for a course of instruction. I was looking for a job online for me, not someone else to make money off teaching me.

Then I started the online surveys. Hey, this sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Just answer a few simple questions and get paid for surfing the net! Sure, the pay was really low, just starvation rations really for the majority of the surveys. And the surveys I got email notifications for, you know the ones that had a good pay scale, were either closed by the time I got to them or somehow I suddenly did not qualify for. But, no worries, here is another nothing pay survey to do. The few simple questions? Sure, I would spend an hour and maybe get 2 surveys accomplished. And for how much? Maybe a few pennies, if I was lucky. Even better, sometime the survey would freeze up and my time and answers were just gone into the black hole of space.

Back to the internet and start looking, or rather to continue looking. Then I started looking at all the make money online opportunities. Like most of us, if its on the first page of Google after I do a search, it’s where I start. Funny thing is, Google has a lot of search results, and some of them are redundant. Some? Excuse me, I should have said a LOT are redundant. And most seemed to have things in common. A big fancy house, the brand new expensive car, the yacht, and let’s not forget the smiling man or woman (usually young and attractive) who owned all this, working only a few hours a day from the comfort of wherever they wanted to be! I have to admit, even though I am not really into yachts, those were the highlighted item in most of the search results I was drawn to.

I have to check this out. Just a few hours a day and make that kind of money? I waned to know what the job is. You got me, just tell me what to do. What is the job? Sometimes I got lucky and the answer was out there, maybe a little hard to find but out there. And sometimes, no answer at all. The go here for more information, then enter your email here, the give us your name, email and credit card number here games are endless.

The Search ends…

After months of searching (and falling for countless sales pitches), I found one that sounded reasonable enough to give another try and yet again entered my email. And, with nothing better to do than wait for my money making job to respond, I got online and did some more digging. I found a review by a young man and from the very first, I got some straight talk from someone who sounded a lot like me. Someone who just presented his view and opinion about the X people I was currently looking at. Then Kyle asked the magic question. No, not if I wanted to make thousands of dollars each week while sitting on the beach. He asked if I was willing to work, to work hard and long hours. He wanted to know if I was willing to invest in myself, not someone else.

I followed Kyle’s link and found myself at a training platform like no other I have seen. A six-day free trial, no credit card asked for; If there had been, I would have ran laughing. I simply filled out name and password and my free six-day trail began. First up was a request to complete my account set up. I thought about leaving, here comes the credit card info, right? Wrong, They wanted a profile picture (and have some generic ones I could use if I wanted), a short bio, and for me to answer a two part question. How much money did I wish to make and how much would make me happy. In return, I got encouragement and a feeling that my goals were just as important to them as to me.

Later that afternoon, I got an email from the other place. Attached was a video and about 10 minutes into that, I learned that after 6 months, I could qualify for a free Mercades-Benz! This years model! All I had to do was meet their goals for me. That’s right, their goals! Not mine. I paused the video, then I closed it. I unsubscribed for any more emails.

In Closing

When my trial period ended, I opted to go with the discount for the first month membership and stayed with the most amazing training platform available. I have chosen to go with and stay with Wealthy Affiliate because of the community, the training, and because I am important to them. After all, my success is MY success. And MY success is their success.

Comments about your search and about mine are welcomed. Questions as well.

Walking the Path of Peace,



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