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Information on the best digital business card In today’s digital age, there are approximately 27 million business cards printed daily; just under 10,000,000,000 business cards annually. 88% of these cards will be tossed within a week of being handed out. The economy continues to grow with new small businesses. There are 28 million small businesses … Read more

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As an Entrepreneur and Blogger, I often find myself in conversations with potential clients and with other entrepreneurs. It seems to be almost a given that we will exchange contact information. A business card has been a staple of professionals for many years and the comment “Here is my card” almost always means an exchange. … Read more

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Elify Digital card

Introducing the Shuffle 1QR Digital Card by Elify The Shuffle Digital Card is often referred to as an electronic or virtual business card. And so it is. I have found that it is also so much more. I think of it many different ways; a mini-mobile friendly website, an introduction. The digital card can be … Read more


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