Are multivitamins beneficial?

Are Multivitamins benefical?

Are multivitamins beneficial? In healthy people, most scientific evidence indicates that multivitamin supplements do not prevent cancer, heart disease, or other ailments, and regular supplementation is not necessary. Are multivitamins beneficial for specific groups of people who may benefit from supplements? Of course, for example, people with poor nutrition or those at high risk of … Read more

5 Major Minerals for Health

5 Major Minerals for Health

Major Minerals for Health-The Top 5 There are 5 major minerals (electrolytes) for health and 16 trace minerals (micro minerals) needed (in the proper amounts) for your health. These form chemical reactions when mixed with water, working to help keep you hydrated, ensuring your nerves and muscles are function properly, balancing your blood pH and … Read more


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