My secret success: Knowledge

Knowledge is your key for Success!

Success: financial freedom to live my life as I wish. Success: knowledge and skills to gain that financial freedom.

In March of 2018, I had a very basic and rather simple idea of affiliate marketing. I had been researching for almost a year, tried my hand at surveys and lost all faith that I would ever be a success at that. Too much time and effort with little to no compensation. And the sites promising me success overnight and with very little work? That just does not happen. Seems most of them wanted me to sell their program but first I had to buy the program. And if I really wanted to make the big bucks faster, I needed to pay even more to upgrade, so I could upgrade again and again.

The review I read by Kyle felt real, it felt like someone pulling me over to the side and showing me the sleight of hand behind the magic trick. He was upfront and explained the difference in Wealthy Affiliate and the vast majority of the others. He stressed that if I wanted to reach success financially, it would take time and require hard work on my part. None of the others told me that, and they have not told you anything other than overnight the money will be rolling in and within days you will be working only a few hours a week. And their sales pitch always include the wonderful screenshot showing a pay check, a balance sheet of some kind showing huge profits. I don’t want to be left out so, just to be fair, I’ll show mine.

Show me the Money!

Now, this just happens to be August 2018 and it is still early in the month. For this particular account, March, April, May, June and July look exactly the same. Even better (well, worse) is that the other 3 affiliate accounts I have all show zeros as well. Almost six months in and I show a total of (drum roll, please) $0.00 profit. To complete the example, I have invested $264.00 in membership dues and $27.98 in purchasing 2 domains. A total of $291.98. Either I am a very bad salesman or someone misled me.

Long ago, I knew I could not sell ice-cold spring water, not even in the middle of the desert. That’s just plain, old-fashioned truth. And Kyle spoke truth as well. He promised hard work and time would lead to making money. It just cannot be done, folks. Some people will begin showing income faster than others. Some are more gifted but the training is there and if followed will lead to success.

I consider these 6 months to be a success. A few months ago, I would be laughing at myself. Let me explain just what my successes are. You see, I signed up for the free 6-day membership and started following the training provided. This is set up at a level that anyone can follow and is taught by one of the co-owners, Kyle. A different Kyle. He has prepared written material, reinforced it with video presentations and included tasks to complete before moving on to the next lesson.


Here is a breakdown of the first 10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification. These (Level One) are included in the free membership (Starter Member). There are 4 more Levels, each with 10 lessons for Premium Members. This Level introduces you to Wealthy Affiliate and gets you started on the path. By the time you finish this Level, you will have a website set-up and ready to build upon. What about a domain? WA provides 2 free sites you can use. You are building your site, you choose the niche or subject, the theme, the layout and you personalize it for yourself. Step by step.

I took the first month discount and became a Premium Member on my 6th day. Hey, those 6 days were free and why turn down free? But I knew on day 2 that I would be staying.

Back to my success story. I had a very basic understanding of affiliate marketing. Kyle (the co-owner) and his training gave me a much clearer understanding and I continue to learn, even today. I chose my niche, I picked my theme and followed Kyle’s training. My site just starting was pretty bad. Black and white, and mostly white because it was blank. I followed the training and today I have a full color website with about 35 blogs on it. A little over 30,000 words. I have pictures, videos, sound tracks. Want to see it? (I am not above a little shameless self-promotion.) Check out Relaxation and Meditation Music. The difference between my website and others is that I am not as polished and maybe not as professional appearing. But it is MY website.

I have learned about page set-up and layout, how to manage content and graphics, keywords (and how to find them). I now know how to add menus, sub-menues, sidebars, and categories. How to organize these to make my website much easier to navigate, With WordPress, I did not need to know coding, WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. I had never even heard of WordPress before.

I’ve learned how to monetize my website, and how to find relavent affiliate programs to sign up with. I know how to add affiliate banners, ads, and links. Want to add pictures to a blog? I know how to do that. I also know where to find royalty free pictures to use and free programs that I can use to add text, links, or other elements to those pictures.

I have learned about the different social medias and how to use them to promote my website. Before, the only social media I used was Facebook and that for just keeping track of family and friends I personally know. Now I am on Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Quora. I know how to use these as a means for promoting my site. I still have a lot of work to do in this area, but I’ve the knowledge, just need to improve (drastically) my skills.

Sometimes I think that I have only begun to scratch the surface as to the knowledge I need to be successful; at least in the financial sense. In fact, as to my knowledge and skills that are needed to achieve financial success I would say I just graduated preschool and now am ready to start the first grade. At Wealthy Affiliate, new training is added almost hourly by members, some have been in affiliate marketing for years and are experts; some have not been long in the business but are gifted. You will never run out of available training.

In Closing

I am successful. To become more successful, Wealthy Affiliate is my path. If you are ready to begin your free 6-day membership, just click on the link and sign up. I’ll be there to welcome you and I’ll follow up with you to help in any way that I can. If you are ready to work and if you are ready to learn, then I know you will continue on to a Premium membership. And if you decide WA is not the path for you? No harm done. You will have gained 6 days of knowledge you currently do not have.

Sit back for just a moment. Think about YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR plans for the future. Research and find the path that is right for you. If you ever decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, no matter if through my link or someone else’s, I’ll be there. Even after I reach my goals, I will stay to give any assistance to others just starting. Besides, nothing wrong with setting new and higher goals!
My secret success is knowledge, and it can be yours too.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to find Success?

Comments about your successes and about mine are welcomed. Questions also.

Walking the Path of Peace,


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