How to introduce your company and products (3 easy methods)

Three methods that can help with how to introduce your company and products. As individual guidelines and by combining into what best serves to helping another business solve a problem they have.

Creating a good first impression is important for any business, more so for a new company that doesn’t have a big reputation. Emphasize the problem that your service or product solves, and explain what makes your company unique.

Introductions are meant to be short, so don’t overdo it. These methods can and should be personalized to best reflect you and your company.

How to introduce your company and products

How to introduce your company and products is based on your business and how you gain access to prospective customers and clients. A little thought and being prepared can help with introductions. Three methods are: Letter or Email Introduction, Social Media Introductions, and Making In-Person Introductions.

Letter or Email Introduction

Always present a formal and professional tone for your introductory letters or emails. For paper letters, use your company letterhead/format and incorporate those in your emails.

Begin with a simple “I am…” statement with your name and the company you operate or represent.

Provide a short summary of what your company does and what the primary mission is. Add details such as how long you have been in business and the goals of your company.

Explain the purpose of your letter; a simple introduction and greeting, seeking investors, forming partnerships, promoting products or services, or other.

Include enough details to generate interest and to encourage engagement.

Finally, suggest a meeting (formal or casual sit-down) to discuss details and ideas and provide a clear option to move forward to the next steps. Provide your contact details, include your business card and link or qr code for your digital business card.

End with “Sincerely” or another formal salutation and your name and title.

Remember to proofread your introduction before sending it. Typos or errors will likely be caught and may detract from your letter.

Social Media Introductions

The different social media platforms all have their way of allowing businesses to interact. Follow those guidelines closely to avoid having your account(s) suspended or banned.

General additional guidelines:

If possible, create a business account using your business email. Make your profile appealing with a description and photos. In the Introduction and About sections, use an image of your company with a description and if possible use your logo as the profile image.

Add people as friends/followers. Follow others in return. These are social media sites, remember to present yourself as a person and interact with others appropriately. This can be a time-consuming process, limit yourself. Respond as soon as possible to questions and comments made on your posts.

To stay engaged, regularly post your announcements, deals, and photos of your products or services. Posting regularly will ensure that your company shows up in your followers’ timelines/feeds. Use a mix of social and business posts.

Don’t overdo it, viewers may grow tired of seeing your posts.

Register on Yelp and Google to make it easier for people to find your business. These aren’t great sites for marketing, users can’t follow or friend specific businesses and you can’t post anything. But you can be found.

Making In-Person Introductions

Common courtesy speaks volumes. Your initial approach is dictated by the setting (social or business).

Shake hands (firmly but not overpoweringly) and smile.

Social introductions usually start with small talk, a back and forth exchange. Creating a personal connection to the other person is always helpful.

Business introductions (such as at conventions, networking events or business visits) are more formal and the social aspect takes a back burner position.

When appropriate, talk shop and discuss business. You can lead in with explaining what your business does and discuss your goals for the future. As appropriate, use your elevator pitch.

Ask leading questions to develop the conversation.

Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30-second introduction that is designed to introduce you and your business. This is designed to create a quick look at what your company can do for the other person. Keep it short and to the point.

Your pitch is based on the problem solved by your product or service. Provide 1-2 sentences about the need for and how your product is needed.

Explain how your company solves the problem experienced. You can be an explain the solution into smaller steps, and/or include a simple demonstration of your company’s product or service.

Finish with actionable next steps and tour contact information. Have a business card and your digital card so that you can hand out your contact information. Ask them for their business card and conclude the conversation.

Final Thoughts

These three methods on how to introduce your company and products are: Letter or Email Introduction, Social Media Introductions, and Making In-Person Introductions.

Letter or email introductions are in a more formal and stylized format. Usually sent on company letterhead and in the case of emails can include links to the website, digital business cards, and other information that may be relevant.

Social media comes from others contacting you from a post or information about you and your business and are expressing an interest or from you contacting others about their posts.

In person introductions may come during a social setting or networking by visiting local shops and businesses.

The elevator pitch can be a part of any method you choose. Remember to use it when the timing is right and to tailor it towards a specific client or customer. Short and sweet works best!

As always, questions, comments and your thoughts are always welcome here.


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