DIY Web Page: Do I have to have a website?

I think all web pages are do it yourself, some just require a higher level of technical expertise than others. For some entrepreneurs, a simple diy web page is the answer to staying ahead on the day to day operation of what is really important, having a successful business.

Ask yourself: “Do I have to have a website?” Perhaps going the route of simple diy web pages is the answer to that question.

And if those web pages can be combined into a mobile friendly mini-website, so much the better!

DIY Web Page

There is an alternative, a designed for mobile web page that meets all the requirements you are looking for. Links, images, videos, SEO friendly text, ease of use, Customer Relationship Management tools, real-time tracking, campaigns, and lead capture. These features are included in the Shuffle by Elify web page. These web pages are versatile and can be used as a mini-website for the on the go entrepreneur.

Shuffle’s DIY Web Page

Shuffle by Elify is a very powerful digital business card that features all I can ask for in a diy web page. I know, a business card?

It may have begun as a simple alternative to the paper business card but Shuffle by Elify has grown into a powerful tool that performs and looks more like a website than the other digital business card providers.

Elify’s focus is on developing technology for the small business owner, entrepreneur, and work-at-home professional that fills a void left by the bigger business solution providers today. Their mission is simple: Elevate your Business, Simplify your Life.

“Shuffle is a custom, curated landing page website/mobile app with multiple lead-generating options! You can create up to 100 customized landing-page websites/mobile apps with built-in leadgen forms, scheduling, and analytics. It is the swiss-army knife of marketing tools! Just a one-time $50 setup fee, and then less than $1/day!” Kent Felice Entrepreneur at SmartBiz Solutions

diy web page swiss army knife

What is a Web Page?

Simply, a web page is a single web document and is a part of a website (a collection of different web pages).

It is identified by a unique uniform resource locator (URL). For example: this web page’s URL is diy-web-page. is the domain name of this website (

A web page is used to provide information to viewers, including images and/or videos to illustrate important topics. A web page may be used as a method to sell products or services to viewers.

A web page can be created very quickly compared to a website, it should be compatible with any device (mobile, desktop, laptop, etc.), and can have any type of information.

Links should be visible and be easy to navigate.

Paragraphs should be informative, easy to read, and concise.

Headings should be easy to skim and find what is most interesting.

Images/Videos. People are visually oriented and utilizing graphics is a way to make your web page appealing.

Forms utilizing radio buttons, edit fields, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, and buttons.

Social share links to allow visitors to share your page with co-workers, friends, and family.

Elements of a Web Page

Have you heard…Content is King. It plays a pivotal role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is the main reason people visit your website.

Focus into creating quality content for your web page. Include videos, relevant news/information and imagery to keep users on your web page longer.

Content means any creative element.

Basic kinds of web content

  • Text
  • Multimedia (Animations, Images, Audio, and Video)


Great usability is almost never noticed by the user, but bad usability stands out. Your web pages should be easily to navigate, intuitive, and mobile-friendly.

Usability means user-centered design.

5 key principles of good website usability

  1. Availability and Accessibility
  2. Clarity
  3. Learnability
  4. Credibility
  5. Relevancy


Your website and pages reflect who you are as a business and should visually connect with your viewers.


Your site and pages will be unsuccessful unless they can be found. Being present and visible through marketing campaigns (SEO, social media and email marketing) is vital to the success of your website


Your website and web pages should engage your viewers by answering questions, holding their attention, directing them through the site and having a clear call to action.

Your web pages aren’t just there for show, it is there to assist in solving viewers problems and to generate leads, increase sales and grow your business.

Final Thoughts

The internet is actually a huge library. Websites can be considered to be books and web pages are the individual pages of those books. The biggest difference is in how we reach those pages.

DIY web pages such as the one from Shuffle, can be the answer to having a web presence without having a website. Combining several of these together could result in having a very mobile friendly mini-website complete with campaigns, lead generation, tracking, and CRM tools that will increase your brand’s visibility and reach.

Combining all the elements you need for a web page. Shuffle provides a simple solution to not having a website. Best of all, it is a user-friendly platform that practically guides you thru the building of the page and has a very nice selection of templates that will help set you and your brand up for success. And a responsive Customer Service that answers questions quickly.

Scan or click on the code below. If your target audience is mobile, see how my web page compares with a website web page. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

As always, questions, comments and your thoughts are always welcome here.


Scan/Click to view my digital business card
Scan/Click to view my
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