Disinfectant Spray with Essential Oils

Disinfectant Spray with Essential Oils

Reading the ingredients for disinfecting cleaners should be simple and easy. But it seems that is just not the case. The label is filled with lots of chemical names, most of which I can’t even pronounce. And the “Green” or natural cleaners all seem to be priced just over my budget. My solution? Using a disinfectant spray with essential oils. Disinfectant Spray with Essential Oils

With a few simple ingredients, you can have an effective disinfectant spray that’s safe for all types of surfaces, using all-natural, non-toxic products. Adding a drop or two of essential oils helps to kills germs and fills your home with the aroma of the oil.

No more toxic chemicals, save space in your cleaning cabinet and save money. You will be surprised how much these simple essential oils can clean, disinfect, and refresh.

Ingredients list

Distilled water Distilled water (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of water remain in the original container. Importantly for us, it does not contain any natural minerals or other contaminants so the disinfectant won’t leave any streaks of mineral residue over your surfaces when wiped off. Essential Oils by HBNProtector  Tea Tree  Eucalyptus Radiata  Cypress  Lemon 

Black Spruce  Lavender  Calm  Prosper  Lavender Vera

Disinfectant Sprays with Essential Oils

Public Restrooms Carry a 2 ounce spray bottle containing 20 drops of Protector to 2 ounces of distilled water. Shake well and use to spray toilet seats and door knobs.

Cleaning the Toilet Add 15 to 20 drops of Protector to a 4-ounce spray bottle, fill with distilled water, and shake well to mix. Spray toilet fixtures and seat, then wipe clean. When you are finished, you can lightly mist the seat and allow to dry; this helps prevent germ growth.

Cleaning the Shower Use your strong Protector disinfectant spray (see Cleaning the Toilet) to clean the shower floor and sides to prevent any germs from spreading from one family member to the next. This is very important if one has Athlete’s Foot. This will also help to prevent mold and mildew from developing.

Carpet Refresh Mix ¾ cup of Baking Soda, 16 drops Protector essential oil blend, and 4 drops Tea Tree essential oil. Mix well and store in an airtight container. Sprinkle on carpets as desired, leave on 15 to 20 minutes, and then vacuum as usual.

Dust Mite & Bug Spray Add 16 drops Protector essential oil blend, 4 drops Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, and 4 ounces of Distilled Water to a cobalt blue glass or PET plastic spray bottle. Sse to spray pillows, upholstered furniture, curtains, etc. Shake well before use. Test in an inconspicuous spot and do not spray on fabrics like silk that can waterspot.

Forest Breeze Wood Polish Mix 1 ounce carrier oil, 3 drops Cypress essential oil,and 3 drops Protector essential oil blend in a cobalt blue glass or PET plastic spray bottle and shake well before use. Spray lightly onto a soft cloth and use to polish wood surfaces. You may wish to also add 4-8 drops of Prosper blend. When using the wood polish, you will be creating an energy of prosperity in the room.

Counter-top & Cutting Board Spray In 4 ounces of distilled water, add 10 to 12 drops of Protector Blend and shake vigorously to mix. Use as a disinfectant spray for counter-tops and on cutting boards, both particularly good places for E. coli and other pathogens carried in raw meat to grow.

Deodorizing & Sanitizing Waste Containers A strong mixture of 20 drops Black Spruce or Protector added to a 4-ounce spray bottle filled with distilled water makes a great sanitizing spray.

Closet Mold If you live in an area that is humid and experience mold in your closets, spray the area as needed with a mixture of 24 drops of Protector blend to 4 ounces of distilled water. This will both kill the mold and prevent mold and mildew from returning. Refresh as needed.

Room Freshener Diffuse 6 to 10 drops of Lavender or Protector into room, limiting diffuser to 15 minutes.

Hotel Beds When you arrive in your hotel, to disinfect the bedding and kill dust mites, turn down the bed and mist with a mixture of 20 drops of Protector to 4 ounces of distilled water, shaking well before use.

Airplane Seats Use the same Protector spray as per hotel beds to lightly mist airplane seats and armrests. This is best done before those around you take their seats.

Deodorant Spray Using a 4 ounce glass spray bottle, mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup distilled water (OR use Vodka if you need extra strength odor protection), 30 drops Calm, Protect, or Prosper essential oil blend, 15 drops Lavender Vera essential oil, and 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil. Shake well before each use.

Other disinfecting usesEssential Oils Soap

Disinfectant Bathroom Hand Soap Purchase non-antibacterial liquid hand soap, unscented if possible. Add 15 to 20 drops of Protector and stir or shake to mix. Place on the bathroom sink for use in place of a commercial antibacterial soap.

Disinfectant Hand Lotion This is a good anti-infection hand lotion that is cooling and pleasant to smell. And it won’t dry out your hand’s! Mix all together and store in a container. Carry it with you and use it in place of water less antibacterial hand cleaners. Use 1/2 a cup of your favorite unscented hand lotion and add 10 drops Eucalyptus Radiata oil, 10 drops Tea Tree Oil, and 5 drops peppermint oil.

Dish Washing Add 1 or 2 drops of Protector or Tea Tree to the dishwasher. When hand-washing dishes, add a couple of drops in the dish water, or to a non-antibacterial liquid dish soap, add 1 or 2 drops per ounce of soap. Stir or shake well to mix, use soap as usual to wash dishes.

Refrigerator Cleanser & Deodorizer When cleaning the refrigerator, add 5 to 10 drops of Lemon and/or Protector blend to the water to deodorize and sanitize the interior.

Washing Clothes Add 6 to 8 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil or Protector essential oil blend in the washing machine as it fills with water. This will dispense the essential oil into the machine to act as a disinfectant. Essential tip: Great for being used to wash stinky shoes and socks.

When Someone Is Sick Laundry from those who are sick will be particularly contaminated; you should add 20 to 24 drops of Protector essential oil blend to the washing machine. This will disinfect, especially if mucus or vomit is on the laundry. All articles of laundry from a sickroom should be washed together.

Laundry with Athlete’s Foot To prevent Athlete’s Foot from recurring, or to help shorten healing time, all contaminated socks and tennis shoes should be washed using Tree Tea or Protector essential oil blend as described above.

About HBN’s Formulator

Alexandria Brighton is a formulator, educator, and owner of the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies with over 30 years of experience in the aromatherapy, herbs, and natural remedy world.

Alexandria’s deeply intuitive nature, spiritual wisdom, and ability to effectively share information set her apart as a cutting-edge formulator and inspiring instructor. Early on, she discovered she had a particular talent for the formulation of synergistic blends for medicinal, emotional, and energetic healing.

She is recognized internationally for her formulations as well as her standards of quality.

Having a gatekeeper who knows the nuances between different plant species and who has been trained in reading gas chromatographs, who understands how to read and interpret the results and benefits, AND who has a ‘trained nose’ – will make all the difference in your Essential Oil experience!

In Closing

With a small budget and wanting to save money using natural ingredients, making my own disinfectant spray with essential oils is a simple solution. They are safe and effective; best of all I no longer have the harsh scent of most commercial cleaners around the house.

In todays world, everywhere we go seems to be filled with the smells of cleaning agents and alcohol. Isn’t it time we take back our own homes and offices? And our own health and well-being? Boosting your Immune System is simple with these Essential Oil Blends!

Questions and comments are always welcome.

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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6 thoughts on “Disinfectant Spray with Essential Oils”

  1. With the craziness happening right now all over the world disinfectant spray has become a hard thing to find around here so being able to make your own is an amazing idea. Also a lot of these sprays use chemicals that are bad for health so using natural ingredients helps both our health and the environment. Great article you wrote there. We definitely need more like this. 

    • Thank you Stratos. Just a few drops of essential oils go a long way and really provide a difference in this crazy world today!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

  2. Good to know there’s such a safe and powerful disinfectant spray without toxic chemicals! I’m excited about its effectiveness for killing those germs and the aroma it produces when it’s used.

    It never occurred to me to use the spray before using a hotel room. Each time I visited a hotel, I used the bed straight away without cleaning, disinfecting, and refreshing at all. I’m going to follow the tips given in this post. Thanks for the sensitization!

    • Hi Israel, Glad to be able to share some tips. I also like to use a mist in hotel rooms, just to clear the air and help me relax. A couple of drops of Black Spruce (my current favorite) with water in a small spray bottle reminds me of home and takes away a little of the strangeness of a hotel room. Enjoy and be Safe!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

  3. Hello there thanks for sharing such a wonder post, it was really helpful. Knowing how to make this home made disinfectant spray will indeed help to save money and avoid harsh smell from those chemical disinfectants in the market. It is good to know that distilled water can be used to produce simple spray that works effectively. I might just consider trying this out.

    • Hi Philebur, Always glad to be able to share some simple and cost effective ways to make our lives easier and to increase our well-being. Distilled water won’t leave mineral and is inexpensive. If (when) you give any of these a try, make sure to let me know about your experiences!

      Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders


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