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In today’s digital age, there are approximately 27 million business cards printed daily; just under 10,000,000,000 business cards annually. 88% of these cards will be tossed within a week of being handed out.

The economy continues to grow with new small businesses. There are 28 million small businesses with that number being forecasted to keep growing. A company’s sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out, even with the majority of cards being tossed.Sample pages for my Card

Today, 77% of Americans have a smartphone, which is 42% more than 5 years ago. Having a digital business card, designed for smart phones can and will increase your reach and presence in the marketplace, is optimized for use with smartphones,

The Shuffle business card is just that. A digital card that is optimized for use with smartphones, easy to design, edit, and share. And yet, it is so much more. Take a look at my personal card ( and lets go over a few of the features of the Shuffle Business Card.

InformationSanders Digital Personal Card

The top of this Shuffle Card template has the business card basics: my company name/logo, a photo of me (or I could have any image that serves me best) and my contact information. A really cool twist is instead of dialing or entering the information into your phone, with one-click you can choose your communication method. You can call me, text me, email me, Shuffle-chat with me, Instant Message me, find a map to my location and more! You can’t do all that from my paper card!!

The “blog” information can be customized with most of the word processing features available, for example: bold, italics, font size. You can also add links to your text. I think of this section as my mobile web-page. This can be as lengthy or as short as you wish.

You can add (and edit) many things!

· The text about you, your company, the products and services you have., and goals; just as a start.

· Videos that show what you offer or sell. Or about you, your products and services, or How-To info. Available video platforms are YouTube and Vimeo. All you need is the video link.

· Your social media links for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, etc. so anyone viewing your card can one click to your social media sites simply by clicking on the images.

· Links to web sites – like your main web site to learn more about you; to your retail store to buy your products or services.

· Links to PDF documents you want to share. Can be price lists, list of events, whatever information you wish to share.

The bottom of the shuffle card makes it very easy to save my contact information to your contact list on your phone or to share it with others.


There are a variety of styles; both pre-made and build your own. Custom templates can be ordered thru Elify and are reasonably priced. There is a selection of pre-made cards for a select few companies and products. I use several of the pre-made cards; one, the CTFO Pets card, consistently gets views on it even though I posted it on Twitter and Facebook about 8 months ago.
The “button” colors can be customized to match your company logo or to maximize the appeal.

Sample Templates and Color Palatte

QR Codes, CRM, and Sharing

  • Quick Response (QR) codes instantly provide information that you couldn’t fit on the business card. They can point My Personal Business Cardclients to an app or your company’s website. Almost 50% of businesses use QR codes in some component of their marketing plan. For more about QR Codes, click here.
  • Another feature that a paper card cannot do is provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help manage your business. The tools provided are not meant to be your sole CRM resource, but can provide a lot of useful information. For bulk sharing (social media, campaigns etc) you can have analytics showing views, time spent on card, links clicked; all broken down into your campaigns. If shared by Contact, you get the same information, but with knowledge of who opened your card link. Find more information on Shuffle CRM here. CRM
  • Sharing your digital business card is easy, and with several different options that meet any situation.
  1. Thru your Contacts list
  2. With or without Lead Capture
  3. Email
  4. Link: text or use the QR code
  5. Campaign(s)
  6. The “Forward my card” allows anyone viewing to share with others.

The Shuffle card is dynamically updated and any edits or changes are instantly available. Simply by clicking on the link, your visitors are taken directly to the revised card.

Pricing and Options

Shuffle is a cost effective means of placing you and your business front and center. The two basic options are the Free Shuffle Card and the monthly subscription. The Free Shuffle Card is just that, free. The MSRP for the monthly subscription is $19.95 (USD). Sales Page for Shuffle

Free will give you 1 Shuffle card with 10 contacts, unlimited sharing; but does not provide all the range of Elify’s services. However, it is an excellent way to see for yourself how easy the card is to design and share. And how useful this little web-page can be.

The monthly subscription includes 10 Shuffle cards, unlimited Contacts and the full range of the Elify Shuffle services. Each card has unlimited sharing. Shuffle has an ongoing promotion, simply use my invite code (pre-filled when you use my link) and get the full service for $10.00 (USD) per month, for the life of your subscription.

I took advantage of the option to purchase 100 Shuffle Cards for a one-time charge of $50.00 (USD). My monthly subscription of $10.00 covers all 100 cards and I have more than enough cards for my business and for use as birthday cards or for other greeting card types.

More for Free!

I will be more than happy to assist you with building your Card, no matter if you are using the Free Shuffle Card option or with the monthly subscription. You can contact me by using any of my contact buttons on any of my 40+ cards I have in various places online.

Shuffle by Elify also has an Affiliate program that I would be happy to discuss with you. Free to join and simple to sign up for.


The rules appear to be changing. As more business is conducted online, the need for paper business cards is diminishing and the need for a polished, professional digital card is increasing. Add in health concerns and the “new” social distancing guidelines many are adopting, an easy to share (and edit) media can be the difference in standing out or just being another in the crowd.

By using digital cards there are other considerations. Protecting our environment, our trees, is now easy and cost efficient. You can cut down on the number of paper cards and can perhaps upgrade to a more expensive stock paper card, for those “special” customers or clients.  Besides, I have yet to recieve a paper card that has one click capabilities!

Have you gone digital? Create a professional profile, a polished landing page that showcases your curated content in minutes!

Questions and comments are welcome, I would be happy to talk further with you about how Shuffle can extend your reach and influence in your business.

Walking the Path of Peace, Sanders

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